How to Redeem your Tesco eGift Card

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Here’s what you need to do before you check out with your eGift card at Tesco!

  1. Click on the email or SMS you received from Prezzee containing your Tesco eGift Card and click on View my eGift Card
  2. Whether on your desktop or mobile, your Tesco's eGift Card will open in your browser, showing Barcode, Card Number, and PIN as shown in screenshot below.
  3. If you wish to download a PDF copy or to print your eGift Card out, please click the 'How to redeem' drop down box, and click 'Download PDF'.


  1. Please present your printed Tesco Digital Gift Card at the till. The barcode should be clearly printed and visible to the Tesco colleague.
  2. If using your mobile device, you will be asked to present the barcode to the scanner by the Tesco colleague.
  3. If the barcode does not scan then a Tesco colleague can manually input the digital gift card number (19 digits) and pin (4 digits) which will be located above the barcode.
  4. If this does not work then the Tesco Digital Gift Card will require manual authorisation. Please go to the customer service desk for further help and information.

This is what your PDF eGift should look like: 


  1. If you are still having issues redeeming your Tesco's eGift card in store, please contact to request a refund. Please provide the following details:
        1. Confirmation of the Tesco's store you attempted to redeem your eGift card
        2. PDF copy of your eGift card
        3. Card number
        4. Email address/mobile number

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