How to redeem your Just Eat card

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See the video below on how to redeem your Just Eat card!


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How to Redeem and Use your Just Eat card

  1. Yipee! You’ve received a Just Eat gift card from Prezzee via Email or SMS, click the link.
  2. Unwrap your gift!
  3. Click “Save your Prezzee” to access your gift card.
  4. Create an account or Log in to your Prezzee account.
  5. You can use your card now or save it for later in your Prezzee Wallet!
  6. To use your card, click “Reveal card details” on the gift card.
  7. Just Eat gift cards can ONLY be added to your account using a web browser!
  8. Click the link and copy the gift code.
  9. On your web browser, log in to your Just Eat account, go to your profile, and click “Redeem a gift card”.

  10. Now paste your gift card code then press “Redeem”.
  11. Congrats your gift card has been added to your account!
  12. You’re all set! Thanks for using Prezzee on Just Eats.

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