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★ Prezzee Smart eGift Card

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The Prezzee Smart eGift Card (or the Co-branded Smart eGift Card) allows the recipient to swap their Prezzee Smart eGift Card to one retailer for or up to 5 retailer eGift cards at a time. on our platform of their choice!

Buy & Send
Buy and send a Prezzee Smart eGift Card just like any other eGift Card on Prezzee, simply select the eGift Card and enter the recipient's details. For more information on buying and sending an eGift Card, please see our Buy and Send an eGift Card article.


Receiving a Prezzee Smart eGift Card
To swap your Prezzee Smart eGift Card for a retailer gift card, simply follow the below steps.

Swap from your Prezzee Wallet

  1. Go to your Prezzee Wallet
  2. Find and click the Prezzee Smart eGift Card
  3. Click Exchange Prezzee Card
  4. Select and click the retailer gift card/s that you wish to swap
  5. Choose a design and click Continue
  6. To swap, click Confirm

Swap without your Prezzee Wallet

  1. Locate your gift email and click open gift 
  2. Click Swap Now
  3. Select and click the retailer gift card that you wish to swap
  4. To swap, click Swap

Once the swap has been completed, your Prezzee Smart eGift Card will transform into the retailer eGift Card of your choice. You can then store it in your Wallet or print it off to take in store. For more information on redeeming your card have a look at the Redeem Your eGift Card article


eGift Card Message
The message that you have received with the Prezzee Smart eGift Card will be automatically carried over to the retailer eGift Card. To view the message, simply click on the gift icon.


Important Note
Please choose carefully when swapping a Prezzee Smart eGift Card for a retailer eGift Card, once the swap has been completed, it cannot be undone.

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